Building lifestyles, one home at a time.

Since 1993, Fred Sieracki's designs have been seamlessly integrated into the landscape of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas.  The firm's attention to historic significance, environmental surroundings, and appreciation of modern touches and green technologies makes them a firm with a vision of the past, present and future.  Let Fred and his team help create the lifestyle and home you've always dreamed of.  


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More than just an architect.

Our relevant and creative approach makes us more than just an architecture firm. 

We become a trusted partner who shares your vision.

Fred Sieracki, owner

Architecture is more of a calling than a profession for Fred Sieracki.

Every time he surveys an area and starts sketching, he knows he’s followed his muse.  “I get in the zone. You have make sure everything is technically sound, but at the same time beautiful.”  

“I like to design – envisioning things that aren’t there. It’s what I love to do. Even if I didn’t do it for a living, I’d do it in my spare time.”



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Green Technology

Fred Sieracki doesn't just design homes, he engineers spaces to be both stunning and energy efficient.  Green technologies are discussed during each step of the design process to ensure that your investment maintains its value while saving you money over the years to come and preserving our environment. Typical strategies include enhancing insulation, replacing windows, sealing the envelope and ducts, installing high efficiency heating and cooling systems and geothermal heat pumps.  When a project includes an existing structure, a preliminary energy audit is done, identifying and prioritizing how to best build green technologies into the design.


Fred Sieracki Architects          410-268-7907

Annapolis lifestyle - no matter your zip code.

Located in Annapolis, Maryland, Fred Sieracki designs homes to bring the elegant yet laid back lifestyle of the Chesapeake Bay to your front door.  An award-winning firm, Fred partners personally with every client, blending his experience and vision with your dreams.  


Fred Sieracki Architects          410-268-7907